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Meet the Faces Behind Generational Grace

Here we are...Bonita (Honey), Darla (WaWa) and Annie. Three generations. 
We love to encourage others and share recipes or tips for almost anything we have learned. The things we know are usually because we have messed it up a time or two and then find what works best for us. We love each other greatly and we love to share experiences and a good recipe.
Honey has always been a natural remedy type of person, so we have learned from her and what she started for her own family. Wawa has also been this way and more recently discovered a love for healthy alternatives to eating. She passes that on to everyone who knows her. 
She turns 60 this year and has always wanted a platform to share, so this is where I (Annie) comes into the picture. I'm still learning what these two have mastered (in my opinion) about what it means to be a wife and to enjoy having my own home to take care of, but what I can provide is the "techy" stuff! So this is Wawa's 60th birthday present. A website and platform to share all of our growth and daily gratitude for the life of grace we have been shown. We hope you are encouraged by what we share or enjoy a new recipe...or maybe just to laugh!

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